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Bushwood Bees

Thanks for visiting, here you will find the  best UK colonies of locally adapted honey bees, the purest raw London Honey, cold extracted, unfiltered and unpasteurised and other products of the hive.  

Just as nature intended. 

Welcome to the Store of Bushwood Bees. Here you will find the finest nucleus of locally adapted London reared honey bees, raw London Honey liquid and Set honey as well as Beeswax Wraps and Beeswax Blocks.

Fantastic temperament - I have worked with Khalil and Salma's bees for many years and they are perfect for new beginners as well as old hands.

Robin Harman

Salma and Khalil are incredibly experienced, informative and passionate about Bee keeping. They trained our beekeeping group and explained the whole process very clearly. However what is very important, is that they are still available to us, for mentoring and advice 2 years later. So if we are unsure about anything they will quickly respond with advice.

Guy Morey

This honey is amazing. Feels good to buy honey that has been locally harvested from responsible beekeepers who look after their bees well. The honey tastes really good and is great value for money

Aisha Tai

Salma & Khalil were extremely professional, knowledgable, helpful and kind.I took a course 2 years ago with the EFBKA and since that day they have selflessly continued to show me support as and when needed. They have a gentle approach to Beekeeping and are extremely sensitive towards the bees which is something that really stands out for me. I can't sing these guys praises enough!

Joseph Gibson
London, UK

Why Choose Us?

As a small family of beekeepers with over 20 years of experience between us, we pride ourselves on providing the best experience.  

Our nucleus of honey bees are in high demand and are limited in supply.  We are passionate about buying local and understand how local bees open mated provide strong colonies adapted to our environment.   

All products we sell are lovingly produced by us (and our bees of course)

As well as beekeeping we also provide expertly run beekeeping courses and experience days.

For further details read testimonials here -


Nucleus colonies to be collected from us in London E11. 


Leytonstone - Bushwood

Store hours

Monday - Friday

09:00 - 18:00


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